Blurb Review

The advent of the internet has made dissemination of ideas easier. Through the World Wide Web, our ideas can easily reach other people even if they are very distant from us. In just a click in search engines, we can be given different information. Books and other reference materials come in digital forms.

What is Blurb and who is it for

If you are interested to be a well-known author then blurb can be a great option for you. The website is recommended for business minded people, photographers and personal book makers who want to publish their work in print and digital platforms. It is a website that aims toward simplification of self-publishing.

What Features Does it Have

1) Creation and Layout Software is Free

Creating a book through blurb can be done with its free applications. Users can import their texts from Microsoft Word or other word processing program. The publication can be done through InDesign. This is an easy way to share or sell ideas, eBooks, magazines, and photo books.

2) Printed and Digital Materials that are Premium in Quality

Users have wide array of options in terms of paper, trim size, and cover materials for trade books, photo books, and magazines. You can publish a single or more than once copy through large volumes or print-on-demand with offset printing.

3) Selling, Promotion, and Distribution

Print books can be sold directly through Amazon or Blurb. They can also be distributed worldwide through Ingram. There are also options for distribution in Apple's iBook Store and other retailers that allow eBooks for sale. Users can have wider connection through Blurb's Personal Storefront.

4) The Online Photo Book Editor

The online photo book editor of blurb allows users to modify the backgrounds and layouts of the pages. There is also an option to compile all photos through the autofill feature. For social media lovers, blurb can customize photo books from photo sharing sites such as Facebook and Instagram accounts. A book can be created out of these photos.

Additional Information

With Blurb’s unique features, sizing options are atypical. The books are not in their standard sizes. For example, the portrait book is not in the standard 11 x 8.5 inches but in 10 x 8 inches. With this unique size, the high quality is maintained. Quality of images is guaranteed to be sharp and vivid.

If you have more queries, the site can be consulted. You can send an email or you can communicate through the live chat option. It is a user-friendly website. For more reviews visit MattsPhotobooks.