Learn To Unblock Banned Facebook In China

Facts On The Ground

Since 2012, China banned 2600 various sites from its citizens on its territory. It is now an offense to access different social Medias such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter inside China. This country also banned some well-known sites including Sony Japan, Amazon, Word Press, Yahoo, Google Docs, and Google+.

These unfair rules and regulations moved many people to find new ways of accessing restricted sites.

How To Bypass The Facebook Block?

There are principally two ways to bypass Facebook block in China. One way is VPN for China.

The experimented user can get a new IP address. However, he would have to pay more money each month.

Numerous companies online offer best VPN for China. The use of their service enables the customer to unblock blocked websites such as Facebook. Each company has its own price. For example, Express VPN offers a monthly subscription of 8.32$ with a money back guarantee of 30 days.

A user who subscribes to Hydemyass VPN service, he would pay 6.55$ with a money back guarantee of 30 days. IP Vanish VPN provides a monthly subscription of 10$ with a money back guarantee of seven days.
For the user who subscribes to Strong VPN service, the rate is 21$ for three months with a seven day money back guarantee. The cheaper is Wasel Pro service that offers a money guarantee of seven days with five dollars per month as fee.

Facebook Proxy

This new system enables the users from various countries to use Facebook with anonymous passwords and names where governments banned this social media. Many residents of China use this system with many benefits. Thanks to this software, the user gain access to Facebook from any network no matter the limitations and barriers for tweeting. This proxy breaks all the restrictions and allows the user to login Facebook without revealing his name and IP address. With this tool, the user can access Facebook from his school or workplace without fear. There will be no footprints or traces of him on the network. He will enjoy a complete freedom while surfing through this restricted social media.

Use A Tor

It is possible to use a Tor, which is a program that masks the location of the computer. This application reroutes the traffic of the computer around the globe before arriving at its destination. For example, a user who accesses Facebook in Turkey may appear doing it from San Francisco. Also, the program allows him to access the social media. One of the negative sides of this program is a low traffic due to the additional distances to travel.

The proxy has lot of application and use of proxy is in a lot of fields. Purchaser are increasing as more and more user are receiving aware of the application of proxy can really open ways to a lot of internet locked doors made by the state organization and so on. A good proxy like video proxy is a devoted which can be rented. If you look for a high performance then you must buy because the free proxy will not give the performance which elevated performance can give. A good and high performing proxy server has a speed of the 100 mbps. It plays key role in SEO procedure. It helps in improving SEO results on a variety of Google extension.