Do Locksmiths Do Door Repairs?

Often, the problem with security is not the locking mechanism but the door itself. Of course, there could be issues with both the lock and door. If your door does not shut properly or if someone tried to kick it in, you will need to hire a licensed contractor. However, if there is something wrong with the lock on the door, you need to find a qualified locksmith.

Now, depending on the locksmith that you ultimately hire, that individual may be able to offer suggestions pertaining to the door or even suggest a reputable contractor, but as for the work itself, this typically falls outside of the locksmith’s area of expertise. On the other hand, if you need a new lock installed or an old one repaired, a qualified locksmith will do an exceptional job.

Repair Hardware

Based on the type of damage done to the door, the contractor uses different types of repair hardware. As part of this are commercial-grade keyless entry locks, reinforcement kits and plates, residential locks, surface-mounted door closers, high-security locking mechanisms, pivots, hinges, recessed door closers, keypads, card readers, electric strikes, latch protectors, astragals, exit bars, alarms, and more, which are all handled by a licensed locksmith.

In addition, a reputable locksmith has the skills and experience required to work on doors and doorframes of all sizes and shapes. Therefore, regardless if the damaged or broken door is aluminum, wood, or steel or is an interior or exterior door, the locksmith can install or repair locks for all of them.

Common Services

The list of services that a licensed locksmith offers specific to replacement and repair services for damaged or broken doors is extensive. As you begin your search for the right locksmith, make sure you choose a company or professional who has expertise specific to your type of door. Although most locksmiths work on many door types, you want someone with experience working on the lock for your type of door.

While some people install locks as a do-it-yourself solution, if the door was broken or experienced damage caused by an intruder, it is obviously best to beef up security. By having a licensed locksmith perform an assessment of the property, you will have a better understanding of the changes to enhance protection.

Typically, assessments performed by qualified locksmiths are complimentary. During that time, this professional will look at doors as well as windows and the outside perimeter in order to make the appropriate recommendation.